5 Types of Filipino-Chinese in the Philippines

Chinese Filipinos or Filipino-Chinese are (obviously) Filipinos with Chinese descent.

Chinese Filipinos are one of the largest overseas Chinese community in Southeast Asia. Comprises 18%-27% of Philippine population. Chinese people sailed around the Philippines and actively interacted with Filipinos since the 9th century. Well that’s why the Chinatown in Binondo, Manila is the oldest Chinatown in the world!

Moving on, here are the 5 types of Filipno-Chinese in the Philippines

First, we have the MAINLANDERS

Often called as G.I. or “Genuine Intsik”. They can be named as the Chinese FOB’s (fresh off the boat) of the Philippines since they literally migrated from their country to another country to reside. This refers to Chinese people with Chinese nationality and born in China. To their population/community, calling them Intsik is considered a derogatory/racial slur.

Next one, the CHINOYS

Chinoy, from the word Chinese-Pinoy, refers to Chinese people with Philippine nationality or Chinese people with Chinese nationality but born in the Philippines. There are mainly 2 types of Chinoys– the Hokkienese or the Lan-lang/Lang-nang whose ancestry is from Fujian province, and the Cantonese or the Keng-tang-lang whose ancestry is from Hong Kong or Guangzhou.

Third, we have the CHINESE-MESTIZOS

This type of Filipino-Chinese refers to Filipinos or Philippine people who are mixed with Chinese. Most probably with 25% and below of Chinese blood. They are the least ones to practice Chinese tradition, or even none at all.

Fourth, the BISTEKS

Bistek, or Bisayang-Intsek, refers to Chinese people who resides/born in Visayas/Mindanao region or with mixtures of Visayan/Mindanaoan blood. Most bisteks are from Cebu, Tacloban, Bacolod and Davao.


Vanessa Hudgens

Well, this last type of Filipino-Chinese, I just found out from a research and never heard/seen/known anyone that is a Tornatra. This one refers to people who are in mixtures of Chinese, Filipino and Spanish blood, started during the Spanish Colonial Period. If you heard of this before, or knew this ever since, maybe I’m just not into Philippine History after all. Lol

How about you, what type of Filipino-Chinese are you? (Goes out to my fellow Fil-Chi peeps)

For me, I can say I would fall into, obviously, a Hokkienese Chinoy, and a Bistek. Yes, a bistek, since my mom was born and raised in Davao. And yes, I can understand a little bit of bisaya but sadly, I cannot speak 😦

Thanks for reading, peace! Xx

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